My works on paper serve as my creative sanctuary. Whether I am engrossed in intricate mark-making, capturing the fleeting essence of rapid gestures for my artistic expressions.

‘Guadalajara‘ Paper Collage, 35cm x 25cm ,framed 2021.

A creative itch, that had to be scratched.

The tactile allure of the pen nib’s scratch or the rhythmic embrace of pencil meeting paper resonate equally, offers a profound sense of satisfaction to me.

In my artistic journey, I often embark without a preconceived notion of composition sometimes just a title,this allows the unfolding steps of my creative process to guide me toward the revelation of a piece that resonates with my vision. This approach mirrors a reverse engineering of sorts—an exploration to witness the alchemy of ideas taking shape on paper, testing the boundaries of possibility and discovering the harmonious interplay between intention and spontaneity.

Respecting the value of materials is integral to my artistic practice, prompting me to refrain from discarding paper or canvas exercises. Instead, I engage in a process of upcycling, meticulously dissecting these experiments to birth entirely new collage compositions.

The transformation of these remnants often manifests in sculptural forms, juxtaposing the rigidity of straight cuts with the fluidity of curves. This interplay initiates a dynamic dialogue between the two elements, a dance of construction, deconstruction, and reconstruction to give captivating and unpredictable outcomes.

”Jipp” Mixed media on paper , Collage 25cm x 20cm. 2019

Within this artistic journey, I encounter numerous spectacular failures, a testament to the inherent risks and uncertainties of the creative process. Perhaps ‘stubborn’ is an apt descriptor for the perseverance required in such endeavors, as I find myself revisiting the aforementioned method repeatedly until achieving a satisfying result.

In this relentless pursuit, I discover that embracing the challenges and learning from setbacks is an essential aspect of my artistic growth

‘ Smoke-Ridge’ 30cm X 40cm,2020.

Celestrial Contact’. 30cm X 40cm,2020.

‘Silhouette’ 30cm x 40cm, .2020.

‘Clapham 1’ Mixed media on paper 58cm x 70cm 2021.

‘Clapham 2‘ Mixed media on paper 58cm x 70cm 2021.

‘Swirl’ Oil on Paper, 20cm x 23cm. 2018.

‘French Ra’ collage 20cm x 30cm,2023.