Will Griffin Art

Will is an artist deeply rooted in his heritage as a former engineer. His artistic practice spans sculpture, painting, sound, and kinetic movement, a testament to his versatility. He wields a rich spectrum of materials from stretched cotton and flint-stone to cast-bronze, sheet steel, cardboard, and wood. His use of materials reflects his intimate hands-on experience with construction and its properties.

Will’s artistic philosophy champions accessibility, preferring site-specific exhibitions in open spaces. He believes art should transcend barriers and engage communities, echoing his working-class roots. His installations seamlessly blend with their environments, creating an inclusive atmosphere.

His art is a captivating exploration of labour, industry, and the natural world’s Will’s signature touch involves the revival of sought-after relics from bombed UK cities, granting them a renewed sense of purpose.

In his own words, Will articulates his attraction to these artefacts:
“I believe that art should be more than just visually striking; it should serve as a catalyst for introspection and dialogue. My creations challenge viewers to question their preconceptions and embark on a journey of critical self-discovery. In a world inundated with information, my art aims to provoke thoughtful engagement and foster connections across diverse perspectives.
Amidst a global backdrop reverberating with historical echoes, I am irresistibly drawn to these objects, ensnared by their rich historical tapestry and the vital role they once played in the lives of ordinary people. Cherished until their unfortunate demise, my aspiration is to resurrect them, infusing them with fresh meaning.”





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